nutrition services

Our Integrative Nutritionist works with clients who are looking to improve their quality of health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Nutrition services are ideal for people who suffer from chronic diseases as well as those who are simply looking for disease prevention. Our Integrative Nutritionist is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Initial Visit

Every person has a unique nutrition and health history, genetics, lifestyle and story. That’s why each nutrition plan created is personalized to the individual. During this visit our Integrative Nutritionist will do a complete nutrition assessment to identify your health and nutrition goals and the root nutrition causes of complaints. Prior to the appointment your will fill out a questionnaire to help our Integrative Nutritionist get an idea of what issues need to be addressed. During the appointment, the Integrative Nutritionist will ask several more questions, listen to your story and do any other assessments necessary to create the best plan for you.

  • 60 minutes $99

Follow-Up Visit

The first follow-up visit will be used to review the personalized nutrition plan the Integrative Nutritionist has put together based on the assessment from the initial appointment. The plan will include personalized food, supplement and lifestyle recommendations. All subsequent follow-ups will be focused on helping you implement the recommendations through education and coaching, monitoring supplements, and continuing to tailor the nutrition plan to help you meet your goals. Change requires support, so ongoing follow-up visits are recommended.

  • 30 minutes $49

Additional Packages

  • 3 visits | $150
    1 initial, 2 follow-ups
  • 7 visits | $275
    1 initial, 6 follow-ups
  • Group Classes | $15 per class
  • Group Class Package | $90
    7-week series